Sometimes I feel this twinge of… an indescribeable feeling.  And I feel this urge to come on here and write down whatever that feeling is. And especially lately, that’s what this blog consists of; random tangents that express that unsupressed urge to get those feelings out in a passive-aggressive manner, in a public venue.  And  today I had that urge again — I came on here so I could write… something.  I’m not even sure what it was.  Just something about a feeling that’s as of late, been clutching at me, the same feeling I’ve been attempting to fight off for a while now, one I’ve come to live with, one that’s become a part of me.  And Iwanted to press on that bruise again, here, and instead, I wrote this down.  So I wouldn’t have to make myself, once again, look like a stupid idiot, a slave to her own useless desires.


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