I’m glad I never just started a blog only to instantly give up on it.  I think for some people anyways, giving up on creative projects demonstrates a lack of drive to follow passions or succeed.  And I wouldn’t want to be one of those people who starts creative endeavors and then never follows through, who say, writes a few entries in a blog and never looks at it again.  Those people fail to follow anything important in their lives.  Perhaps it’s because their lives are meaningless anyways, and they live solely for themselves.  Those people don’t deserve the creativity they’ve been given.  They waste it on stupid usless projects that are either ripoffs or homages to crappy genre “art” that is loaded with self-aware, overt irony, inside jokes, and the same subject matter over and over and over.  Nobody cares about that kind of art. That kind of art is a waste of everyone’s time.


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