You know how bigots make a habit of hating an entire group of people based on  bad experiences with only one member of that group?

I think of the frightening contempt that I feel for men — men who have fucked me over royally, and men who have fucked my friends over royally — and I just… hate them. I do! I hate how someone can make you feel so strongly and welcome you into their little lives, and then revoke those priveliges immediately, simply by walking away – sometimes without a word or gesture at all, sometimes (shudder) with a fake smile and a high five.

I never want to be put in the position of having to deal with that kind of pain again. It’s almost not worth it.  People will tell me that’s drastic and immature, dramatic and juvenile. Yeah. I know. It sure is. Blah, blah, blah, tell me I’m having a selfish pre-teen temper tantrum, tell me I’m disallowing myself any kind of romance when one is “just around the corner for me.”  I don’t want to hear it, really. I’m good without more Hallmark card philosophies. Really.

So yeah… fuck romance, fuck Valentines Day especially, and… fuck you, you, the indelible you.


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