About Love

I’ve almost had this blog for an entire year now; it’s changed quite a few times (different templates and so on) but at its core, the content has remained very much the same (despite that I find myself increasingly less eloquent).  I have always wondered though, if my blog has a theme, if it should have a theme, and if I did consider a theme, if it would stifle the creative nature of the blog?  Because I’m kind of anal-retentive about categorizing and following personal guidelines, re-editing and erasing old entires to accomodate a theme has been an issue for me that has prevented me from creating a theme at all.  But while considering this question again, I realized that actually – it DOES have a theme and to be broad, cliche and overly-generic, that theme is ‘LOVE’.

Every entry in this blog has been about or involving love; in either a literal sense, or an abstraction.  I write constantly about the music, films and authors that I love, memories that have shaped the person that I am today (and have guided me on a journey to loving myself), and dreams and vignettes that have come out of that quest for self-love and self-acceptance.  The reason I started a blog in the first place was to write myself out of love with someone I used to think I was in love with; and it helped.  Unrequited love is the worst offensive enemy — but I have recently realized that it too, is imaginary – unrequited love is an enemy within yourself.  Unrequited love for me, was my mind’s refusal to believe Iwas worthy of love in its most stereotypical form, so it latched onto someone who would never love me.  Once I learned that, I figured out just how to approach an issue of love for me.  That the fantastical is dead, but the love that one can always rely on, self-worth, is alive for the first time.

So this blog is dedicated to the notion of love, and the reality of love, and the love that I feel whenever I walk across High Level Bridge at sunset on an idle June evening listening to “When the Stars Go Blue” by Ryan Adams on my ipod.  This blog is all about the loves of my life, the loves in my life, the loves within myself.


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