Slow Cooker: A Love Story

I think that without my slow cooker, my life would be a lot lonelier and sadder than it is today.  Life without a slow cooker by this point in even our short relationship, is now unimaginable.  Currently, I am waiting about four hours for my sweet potato chili to be done (sound intriguing to you?  The recipe is here: and in four hours then, I will have a healthy vegetarian high-fibre gourmet dinner.  Presto.  And for dessert?  Stuffed baked apples: stuff pecans and dried cranberries into cored apples, pour cranberry juice over the top.  Four hours later? Baked apples.  It’s a culinary adventure every single day.  Oh, Slow Cooker… I love you so much.  What you have done for me in these first few days of aquaintance is so much more than a man has ever done for me.


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