The other  day I  was walking past the local downtown television studio  while they were filming their morning show; the newscaster was wearing a hockey jersey – I could only see his back but the jersey was tightly pinned to his lean sides to avoid excess bulk.

Society has a constant need to hastily cover up imperfections to give everyone an illusion of thin-ness, the kind of illusionthat is appealing to the eye and acceptable to the masses.  Thin-ness, a slim figure, slender bones and tiny waists and frail limbs, have become more than just an ideal, but the only accepted truth, to the point where if someone is wearing a hockey jersey, a garment that everyone KNOWS to be oversized in order to accomodate the armour of equipment underneath, its bulk must be concealed for the benefit of… who? The people who sit at home watching?  The man wearing the jersey?  I mean… he was NOT overweight… shouldn’t you know that inside and be satisfied with that?

The world’s obsession with the idea of being thin is bothersome and baffling.  I wish I didn’t have to be a part of it, but have suddenly become thrust into the thros of shallowness, and this observation, though small, really bothered me.


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