Blame it Upon a Rush of Blood to the Head

I was revisiting one of my all-time favourite records today, A Rush of Blood to the Head, Coldplay’s best release ever (probably their masterpiece — I don’t think anything they’ve done since or before that album is even comprable, though still enjoyable).  And it brought back a lot of memories of the first time I heard the album, and I’ve come to realize that how I feel about it hasn’t changed, but the reasons why I feel that way have DEFINITELY changed a lot.  Maybe because I’ve actually lived my life at this point in time and I know what the world is and what it means to me, more than I did when it was 2003 and I was in grade 11 and didn’t know much about anything, apart from…well, what I knew at the time (actually, I did know some cruel things at the time… but I hadn’t acknowledged them yet).

This morning I was listening to one of the most poignant tracks, “A Warning Sign”.  That song has always destroyed me when I heard it for one reason or another.  And I listened to the lyrics “you came back to haunt me and I realized/you were an island and I passed you by/you were an island to discover” and the chorus with the aching “…and the truth is, I miss you so, and I’m tired/I should not have let you go” and it reminds me of mistakes that sure, you made — but mistakes that I made too.  Mistakes that are irrevokable.  Like all of the worst mistakes are.  And someone ‘wise’ once said that your mistakes should be “teachers, not tortures” but… I really believe that every single person on earth cannot succeed in doing this, even if they say they can.

I’m just so sorry… I’d take it back if I could.  Would you?


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