It started with moisturizer.

When I decided that I was going to “change my life” though I had little direction to do so, I decided to use moisturizer first to eliminate the itchy dryness on my face.  I bought lotion and massaged it into my face every night before going to bed.  And soon, I noticed my face becoming silky smooth.  I don’t moisturize every day now, but about every second or third.  It’s a ritual that I now stick to, a regimented bi-daily tradition that is a pilgramage to my wanting to change something, to control something, before employment, before being set free of certain um, burdens, that plagued me as I was making these “life-changing” decisions.

I’ve vowed to continue to moisturize my hands now as well.  Because it’s important to me to make sure they don’t reach that bloody scaly shape they were in say, just before I left for the Dominican.  I’ve started already, and plan on continuing to do so.

I’ve discovered through moisturizing, small regimens can teach us how to participate fully in promising to continue BIG regimens, like losing weight, like saving money.  We’re human; and humans always slip up.  But as long as you can, the next day, continue to say, moisturize, you will be doing something — anything — dutiful.

FYI: I use Pond’s.


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