Despite my belief in the official death of “love”, I think that “love” can sweep you up so completely, suddenly you look deeply inside yourself and wonder what happened to you, why do you suddenly have all your TRUE happiness depend on someone else?  And that’s when you know it’s the kind of love that is truly kind of needy and self-indulgent, and it simply cannot be stopped; it is a force to be reckoned with.  And that’s the only kind of love I REALLY know…

Another kind of love is the love that I’m familiar with through other people.  The kind of love that really really maims and injures the person who loves.  This kind of “love”, people seek out, even when it’s not love – and it’s not the person they want – it’s the feeling of the person they want. That feeling of being close to someone comes before anything else.  It’s like heroin maybe… it’s so bad for you, but you’re desperate for it.  It fills a void.  I’ve seen people lose friends and jobs and grades and everything … just for THAT kind of love… and THAT kind of love is really just nothing at all.  It’s worse than the dead kind of love and romance that I’ve mentioned prior.

And to those who think they’ve found that aforementioned love, just… be careful.  I might leave you now, leave you to fend for yourself and realize what you’re doing to yourself… I may have to.  But… be careful, okay?

Oh, love… love, love, love, love… Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh.


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