I think that every year of this past very crucial decade, I learned a really valuable lesson about how to live my life properly — “properly” meaning conquering fears and just letting go of insecurities, “properly” meaning more important lessons than the former, lessons that will help me be a stronger and more whole person in the future.

One of those lessons that I’ve found the most important is to never let someone know they’ve hurt you.  Because then they have that power over you forever.  It was something my mom taught me after I told her about my first real heartbreak… to never let them know it.  This may seem obvious, but there are times when I would love to just tear into someone meanly and penetrate layers and layers of flesh, whatever was there, and just tell them exactly what they did, so they knew it in plain, cacophonic English.

That lesson has been the hardest on me.  I hate silence of any kind, even that kind.


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