Remembrance Day

The reason this holiday exists at all is because of troops who gave their lives and time and health and happiness, in bravery and pride for their country’s flag, merely to ensure that I would be able to have the kind of life I have now, so that people would be able to live their lives freely without conflict or fear.  And that’s something to truly celebrate, that often goes under appreciated because it’s not fun like Halloween or glitzy like Christmas.

I look at Remembrance Day though, as a way to (as I often do, being one of the most nostalgic people that has EVER lived) reflect on our own pasts.  And remember what we have done in the past, what has happened to us in the past, that has made us who we are today, on November 11, 2009.

I think remembrance is SO important.  The cliche is that we should learn from the past so we don’t make the same mistakes again.  Well… that’s obviously not true.  We’re STILL fighting wars, right?  Stupid, pointless money-grabbing futuristic wars as opposed to the important and somehow “necessary” ones of the past (Vietnam notwithstanding).  So while I think we CAN learn from the past, we definitely often don’t.  I think remembrance is important not because of the ACTUAL past, but how we dealt with the actual past and how it benefitted the stronger peopler we are now in the present.

I know how important it is to live in that present and be present in moments because moments disappear and then we’re left living before and after them, and not actually in them..

I remember.  I’ll always remember.  Even if those I remember have forgotten me.


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