I love it when kids behave like kids.  When they talk about marriage like it’s gross or run around and slide on slippery snow on wet wooden decks.  When they point out things that are irrelevant just to hear the sound of their own voices and attract attention from their friends and teachers.  When they are excited about animals like chickens, just simply because they’re animals and kids like animals.  That’s when I love kids.  Not when they dress like adults or swear or suggest that they want to be crude and violent.  Not when they smoke and drink and date and kiss people.  Not when they act like MY grade six class did..

When I was in grade six, I always felt like every single other kid in my class was an adult except for me and I was lumbering around like someone’s teddy bear, fat and forgotten and wondering where all my friends had disappeared to.  My class was cliquey and mean and loved to exclude people who weren’t breaking into their parents’ liquor cabinets and dating someone.

Seeing the class I worked with today work together as a team and all get along made me happy and hopeful for the future; it made me realize that there are some kids out there who still want to behave like kids and do kid things and not grow up too fast and instantly think they’re entitlted to an adult world view.  I loved seeing kids all talking amongst themselves and having shared inside jokes and treating one another with respect and being inclusive and  caring for one another.  It was lovely.


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