Because I’m Bored…

Here are 25 more things about me that I feel like sharing, out of boredom/narcassism…

1. I think in a past life, I was a photographer.  While I don’t know MUCH about photography and photography tools and equipment, I make up for in how much I love photography, both my own and other people’s.  I wish I was a professional photographer.  Taking pictures makes me really happy.

2. I love all of my favourite musicians in the same way that I love my friends; they give me almost the same joy, the same wisdom, the same comfort, and the same empowerment that my friends do.  But if I had to choose one for the moment that would be my life-friend and poet laureate, it would be Jeff Tweedy of Wilco.

3. I have a birth mark on the front of my left calf that looks like strawberry fields.  One time, when I was little and wading in Cabin Creek in Jasper where I grew up, this lady approached me and asked me very “sweetly” (you know, that bitchy pretend-to-be-nice-but-actually-trying-to-insult way) if I had “hives”.  I hated and felt self-concious about the birth mark for a long time after that, until I forgot about it; now I don’t have any feelings about it at all.

4. When I was little, when there were bunk beds, I kind of preferred the bottom because it seemed cozier.  But as we got older, my sister was delegated the bottom because she was taller than me and all that stuff.

5. I want a massive book shelf and I want to categorize all of my books; I want a shelf of music-related books and favourite books, text books, stuff I want to read and haven’t yet, well-read, well-worn books, series, childhood books, etc.  That would be amazing.  And organized.

6.  I’m kind of curious about who’s reading my blog, but I’m also worried because sometimes I write things that are a bit much, and I’d feel badly if they ended up in the wrong hands.  I don’t even know if my friends read my blog.

7. That being said, I read the blogs of people I know on a regular basis.

8. To date, Coldplay (June 2009) is STILL the greatest concert of my life; I don’t know how anything could ever compare, and I’m wondering if anything ever will.

9. I wasn’t scared to drive until I took Drivers’ Ed. And now I’m terrified.

10. I love books.  I love books more than movies.  I want to lie in a mountain of books and read forever.  I love buying books to learn about random things like wine and Greece and photography, and I love novels and graphic novels and art books and coffee table books… I just love books.

11. Sometimes I wonder if snob appeal is what drives me to love independent music and unknown best-kept-secret music.  But actually, I think it’s more that what those artists have to say, their image, the way they write, the reasons they write, and the intimacy of their sound is what attracts me.  But the snob appeal is an added bonus.

12. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be as happy as I was in my first year of university.

13. I used to think Iwasn’t someone to burn bridges and that I was good at keeping in touch, but then I realized that I’m guilty of forgetting people and not responding to their messages and being afraid to meet with them if I don’t know them very well. 

14. When I make CDs for people, I’m VERY picky about it; no songs by the same artist twice, I like to either start with a bang and move into mellower music in the middle of the disc and build to a crescendo, or do the opposite and start off mellow and move into a climactic song and slow things down towards the end with what I think is the prettiest and most poignant song on the mix.  There are lots of rules I follow, and all of those rules I made myself.  I’m very nitpicky about making mixes for people.  If I ever make a mix for you, I want you to listen to it in the order that the songs were placed, because it’s for a reason that they’re placed there.

15. I love the Food Network.  I could watch it all day.  Everytime I do, it makes me want to be a chef.  I want to just buy a bunch of good cooking equipment and recipe books and try everything.  I need to own The Art of French Cooking.  Seeing the film Julie & Julia made me yearn to try new techniques and recipes.

16. I love smooth pens.  Nothing feels better than finding a good writing thread and following it for a long time with a really smooth pen.

17. I think that writing takes talent, but REALLY good writing takes REALLY good insight; in fact, I think writing involves more insight than talent.   You have to be able to walk in someone else’s life and imagine the situations in their life as you would your own; you have to understand the problems and mindsets of people richer and poorer and more, or less, complex than yourself.  And to know people that maybe don’t even exist, is to be a good writer.  The writers that I regard as the best do this with immaculate precision and focus; they KNOW these people and present them to me so that by the end of the book, I do too.  And without that insight, even with talent, all of your pieces will be somehow empty, devoid of any real human emotion.

18. I love to sing, even though I’m fully aware that I really can’t sing.  I just think that performance is fun and liberating.  Although I don’t look at this kind of performance as a religion, a ritual or the only course to find validation, as I know some people do.

19. One of my all-time favourite songs is Janis Ian’s At Seventeen;  I can really relate to that song in a way that is almost too evokative.  Janis channelled her pain and bitter memories and turned it into an instant classic that describes exactly how it means to not be one of the pretty, popular, adult girls.  It’s brilliant, and her voie makes me want to cry every time.

20. As lame and shallow as this sounds, I really like my hair.  I like the texture and shape and thickness, and I’m happy that I don’t have someone else’s hair.

21. Whenever I order something at a restaurant and they mess up my order, I 9 times out of 10, don’t say anything because I don’t like the thought of them just throwing away something that’s perfectly edible and something I won’t completely hate.  Unless I actually DO completely hate it — then I MIGHT muster up the courage to say something.

22. I miss Sodalicious fruit snacks, Hawaiian Punch, fruit punch and grape soda, and Orbitz.  All of these things were BIG staples in my childhood and that they no longer exist reminds me of how old I am and how much I’ve left behind.

23. I can’t hula hoop, cartwheel, crab walk, or really do any physical body tricks at all. 

24. When I was in high school, I was obsessed with the Beatles.  But I’ve decided, as long as we’re comparing, that there really is no band in the history of the world quite like The Rolling Stones.  I wish I could see them before they stop touring.

25. I read my horoscope every single day.


4 thoughts on “Because I’m Bored…

  1. I loved this post. You wonder who reads it (#6). I did, at least this once. The last person you would expect. I’m easily old enough to be your mother, even your grandmother. One thing I like is that in revealing semi-intimate details about yourself you are so appealing. It’s not that I relate to each item, but the very fact that you are telling me (?) though not me.

    I actually am a writer. I write nonfiction mostly for pay (not much pay) and I write plays and have written poetry. I think all you say about writers is very true.

    In the US you can now get grape soda, Hawaiian punch, fruit punch. So I’m wondering why you can’t.

    My daughter was just explaining to me about the DJ that died this week of a drug overdose, the one who barely survived a plane crash a while back. She said he was famous for mixing songs exactly right. I don’t know much about music but her description reminds me of your description of being particular about making a CD mix. So maybe you have found your calling, as a DJ. BTW, what is your calling? I am just that particular about the order of things in a book or poem or play I write. It is crucial. Some people pick up a book and flip through it and begin in the middle. Are they crazy? It’s like playing the notes of piano composition backwards (although I’ve wondered if that would be a great new tune if the timing were redone.)

    I found your blog only because I follow the topic of boredom and you used the word. I am writing a book about boredom, which turns out to be pretty interesting. My blog is I’m on a 3 week trip to France and Germany and have not posted in a while. This blog is just a warm up for the book publicity (though I have no publisher yet, and just need things in place.) So your boredom is my dessert.

    So here’s the thing. I really like your thoughts and I like you just because you shared them. So I’m kinda putting it out there, too.


    1. Thank you so much for your comments! 🙂 They brightened my day! I’m glad that as a writer, you can relate to my blog and what I’m trying to get across! As for your question, I don’t know what my calling is. I’d like to be a counselor (I’m most interested in child abuse and addictions) as my steady job and write on the side, but one of my truest passion as you mentioned, is music. It’s funny that you should suggest that I be a DJ because I have definitely considered that and would like to take some classes to learn how to use the equipment and computer programs, but I’m a bit intimidated by technology so we’ll see!

      Thank you for giving me the url of your blog! I’m really excited to read it, and I hope you keep reading mine!

  2. Funny thing, our similar interests; I have written most of my nonfiction for/with counselors of various kinds, as a collaborator, and I write a newsletter and do other work for a treatment center for young men addicted to drugs and alcohol. I wrote one book as a collaborator for a woman in recovery from prescription drugs. I’m also a professional life coach and I’m trying to blend the two as I write the boredom book. I’m not sure it’s going to work. I’m trying to make the transition from writing for money mostly and coaching a little to making good money coaching and writing things that don’t pay well or at all such as fiction, poetry, and plays. Writing is going through a big transition now with the internet replacing newspapers and many books, so I’d not advise anyone to rely on writing for a living today but do something very different for a living and write on the side. Someone has to write all the internet stuff but it’s not the same as you or I probably like to write. I’ll follow your blog… thanks for writing.

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