I just came back from Banff, and I feel like a hypocrit; firstly because I grew up hating my mountain town and then travelled to another one for the first time in years, only to discover I love mountain towns.  Secondly, I always maintained that it was either weird or stupid that some of the friends I met in university thought being from Jasper is strange, though in Banff, looking at the houses and the high school (right across from a long strand of motels), I thought about how odd it would be to live and go to school there.  Also because mountains should be no thang to me, but I spent my car rides both there and back, glued to my camera’s viewfinder.  And lastly, as excited as I was to leave Jasper and move to the city, I have now found a continent in Banff, and I want to settle there as well.  Not for a long time, just for a little while.  And I think if things are still going rocky for me in every conceiveable way by the time their next high season rolls around, I just might do that.  I really truly loved it there.  It’s everything I need right now, in both the short and long-term.  What a magical, illuminating place.


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