On Blogging, Briefly (kind of… I get carried away).

I’ve never, until this year, been able to keep a regular blog.  I have problems with blogging, including the following: there is a fine line walked between the personal and boring parts of someone’s life – blogging is an unhappy medium between these two things, neither of which people truly care about so I could never understand the point; also, I could never find an angle – it seems most people’s blogs have a theme – fitness blog, music blog, foodie blog, celebrity blog — and I don’t have that kind of dedication to come up with an angle, so my blogs always ended up with my favourite bits of whatever, combined with entries about my writing process, and my life, neither of which anyone should care about.  So I always had trouble with the “art” of a blog.

However, I’ve found a vice in blogging.  I’ve found that when something isn’t personal enough to write in my journal, but too personal to write out somewhere like facebook, I can bring it here and someone may take something from it, or hate what I’m doing in my little universe online here and wish I would go away and never come back.  Either or, it gives me READERS, which are a key component to making someone a WRITER (it’s like how cream and sugar, two of each, make a double-double).

I am saying all this because I noticed today that I have 800 hits now.  Which isn’t much, granted, because my blog has been around since January 2009 so that averages what…. 100 hits a month?  But it’s a start.  I don’t know who’s reading either.  Sometimes my statistics tell me that someone googled and my blog appeared, which led them to a particular entry.  But sometimes the hit counts go up without explanation and I don’t know who is reading it – do I have followers out there who care about me?  Do I have friends who are keeping track of what I’m saying and doing here but have never told me?  I haven’t the slightest who cares about me enough to read this even when they didn’t stumble upon it while looking for information on Wilco or something. 

So I wanted to say thank you to whoever’s reading, even if you hate me and you just want me to fail, or you’re sitting around with your friends making fun of how stupid and pathetic and pseudo-poetic I am.  Just… thank you!  Because readers, for whatever purpose, are better than no readers at all.  Drop me a comment once in a while, yeah?  I’d like that.


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