I have tickets to see David Gray!  I’ve seen Gray before, at the Edmoton Folk Festival in 2006.  It was completely magical in every way, except I still felt distant from the action being at the top of the hill.  For the Massey Hall show I have tickets to in October, I have floor seats.  So it will most likely be one of the most magical nights of my life.

When I asked my mom if it was okay if I got the tickets, she said something along the lines of, “you always think these concerts will change your life, but they don’t.”  And she’s SO wrong.

I think that when you’re sitting at a concert and wishing the whole time that it was another concert you’ve been to, that’s a life-changing show.  I think when you listen to the music of a band you’ve seen in concert and you swell a bit inside, remembering warm feelings of musical excitement and fun you experienced that night you saw them, that’s indictive too of a life-changing concert.  When I say “life-changing”, it’s not like I went home and decided to change the way I live my life in a LITERAL sense; it’s more like… I came home, and realized what it means to be alive and appreciate all of the magical moments that can happen.  Great, “life-changing” concerts make you a more enriched, cultured, appreciative human being.  The following (in no order) were my “life-changing” concerts:


-Ryan Adams and the Cardinals (2007)


-Patrick Watson

-David Gray (2006)


-The White Stripes


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