I have just been welcomed into the wonderful world of driving.  It is a complete milestone because I never actually thought I would be able to say I had a drivers’ licence of any kind but by this time next summer,  I plan on having my class 5 and that is something that will change my life on too many levels, and I can’t wait.

Sure, maybe I’m a loser for being 22 years old, living in the city (ne a very small town, however) and only JUST getting this done now.  However, it never bothered me not having one until now either.  I was content relying on buses when my world consisted of my neighborhood.  It no longer does, however; my world consists of THE world.   And in order to fully access that world, driving is necessary.

I am extremely pleased with myself and just thought I would give myself a blog pat on the back.

August holds so many possibilities for me, opportunities that can ESPECIALLY be seized because I’m not a student anymore, thus allowing my summer to continue right into the first snowfall and then some.  I’m kind of raising my metaphorical glass right now to continued opportunities, in hopes that they won’t soon stop presenting themselves.  There are some opportunities that haven’t, and those are the important ones that I don’t just want but NEED right now.

Here’s to a belated milestone.  Huzzah.


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