Last night, I saw the Northern Lights for the very first time.  At first, I wasn’t even sure it was actually them, or if it was searchlights or something playing a trick on me.  But, it was actually them.  It was like streaks of holographic green flickering like dying flames, smooth fingerpaintings against a midnight-black canvas.  And it was weird, because, only earlier that day I was talking about how I’d never actually seen them.  It was amazing.  And even more amazing was that, despite having a horrible night, seeing something so beautiful was a pain reliever.

Last night we had a late-night fire alarm go off (not a “drill”, as the alarm summoned real fire fighters and merited a building evacuation) which always puts me in a bad mood.  And even more off-putting was my contemplative mood about the nature of my life; the unemployment, the long-lost… something or other, the messes and uselessness and lack of will power… it’s all kind of an out-of-place mess for me right now and I can’t stand it.  But — there was some kind of cliched hope offered by a natural phenomena — it was kind of magical.

And so, today was a MAGICAL day.  I was excited about the fair regardless, but I had SO much fun it was incomprehensible.  There was this one moment where me and my three fantastic friends hit the spinning section of the rollercoaster and I threw up my hands and silently hailed life in all of its magic moments and its ability to regenerate happiness even in the worst, darkest times.  There’s always going to be something to look forward to and something to lean on when you think that all hope might be lost.  I can’t even get into all of the details of what made today great; but the bottom line I guess, and this goes without saying but I’ll say it anyways, is that with the right people any moment can turn into the party of the year.  And I love the “right people”.  So, so, so, so much.  Without them, I’m a half-life.

So those were the two magic moments of my week.  A third was a phone call regarding a job interview.  When I got that call, I was completely and utterly over the moon.


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