Writers’ Block

I came onto my blog today to make the attempt to write a review of the newest Harry Potter film (which I liked, a LOT).  I wanted to say some of the following; I love David Yates’ British humor sensibility and his take on the characters’ actions and motivations; they’re definitely in that ‘awkward teenager’ place now, and despite all the darkness and peril that surrounds the three leads, the movie’s humor and the realistic teenage love triangles and that high school world of the film is definitely what shines the most in the film.  I thought the ending was handled well too; the film shifts into a lot of darkness towards the end; one moment had the entire theatre jump out of their chairs (it’s a lot of fun).  I also loved the look of the film; from the traumatic opening scene, to the sweeping shot of the ocean and the cave, it’s got a lot of style (not TOO much, but enough to give the film its dark, gritty appearance, which is ominous and appropriate).  Lighting is used well, even minor parts are played very well, and the three leads are so comfortable in their roles, Ron, Harry and Hermione come very naturally to them; watching the first movies, you can tell that they weren’t 100% sure of their motivations and where they were going; now, their bond and friendship is clear and wonderful to watch.  Although as a HUGE HUGE fan of the book series, I was a little disappointed at some of the liberties that the film takes, and I’m sure that some parts were lost on people that hadn’t read the novel.  And because of this, the book’s climactic ending isn’t nearly as impactful when transferred to the screen.  But, overall, it’s good fun; a charming, likeable, spooky, ominous, stylish movie.

Anyway, I wanted to stretch that into a much longer vignette, and couldn’t.  Words were seemingly being forced out, like squeezing the last bits of lemon in a juicer.  Impossibly annoying.  I tried and tried and tried, and failed continuously.  And I’ve kind of failed at a lot of writing projects I’ve attempted this summer, because I have horrendous blockage.  What I wanted to do at the beginning of the summer, was write short fiction again, the kind that I used to write before I took the fantasy writing class and wrote my novel.  However, after continuously failed attempts, I’m starting to wonder when inspiration will hit me, if ever.  And I don’t know how to combat writers’ block at all.

Writers’ block has always been a problem for me, especially after I finish work of considerable effort.  I wrote a novella after my first year and after that, ideas didn’t come for ages and I had to scramble to put together a story about some “issue” in order to get stories handed in for my second-year fiction class.  After third year, I only wrote one story in the summer; one that I loved, but considered pretty poor and non-sensical.  And I wrote it mostly in notebooks before I went to work every day, very early in the morning.  After that story, I didn’t touch fiction practically, until my fourth-year writing course.  Now, I have written a novel, something I’ve always wanted to do — but I wanted to put it off for a long time and let it sit until I looked at it again, and now I want to focus on short fiction again, only… I can’t.

So the question is, do I keep writing regardless of the poor meandering, meaningless quality of the writing in hopes of finding a thread I can follow indefinitely, or do I give up and not try at all, and continue writing pointless blog entries about my failings for no apparent reason, and for no one, except myself?  I don’t know.  All I know, is that words aren’t coming, and I want them to really badly.  I want my writing to start, almost as much as I’d like my life to begin.  Damnit, this is such fucking bullshit.


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