A lot of people make the claim that once real life starts, it’s terrible and miserable and you’ll want to be a child again.  For me right now though, I’ve lived like an adult child for the last three months, and I hate it.  I hate waking up and feeling like I have absolutely nothing to do.  I hate being poor all the time and having to rely on my parents for money for everything.  I hate constantly having to look for jobs and giving up hope on finding “real” ones, in favour of praying to get hired at a retail job that pays $9/hour.  I hate sitting around waiting for SOMETHING to happen — anything — so that I can make money and/or feel like I belong somewhere, doing something remotely useful with my time.  Living like a child when you’re 22 years old is the worst thing ever, despite what anyone else will tell you, or how “lucky” I am to have parents that are willing to put up with my life as it stands right now and help me get through it.  But it’s more than halfway through the summer and I’ve had a great summer but have LOST money, and I’m in the same place I started from when I was in school, except now, September will come and there won’t be school anymore, for at least another year.

Come on, real life… start!  Please!  Start!  Anytime, anything, anywhere…!


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