Albums I Loved as a Teen

Every once in a while, you want to revisit the music that got you introduced to music in the first place, whatever music that may be.  If you’ve ever done a facebook survey or talked about music with a group of friends, a question that comes up a lot is, “what was your first C.D?” and my first ALBUM was Aqua’s ‘Aquarium’, an album I played so much that it’s scratched beyond repair at this point, and way overplayed.  I never did get rid of it though (as I did with a lot of my CDs when I needed extra cash) because it had that “first CD” sentimental values.  There were other albums too, that I listened to in late elementary school and junior high, that were seminal to my musical taste development.  And they were:

-BBMAK – Sooner or Later

M2M – Shades of Purple

-Prozzak – Hot Show

-The Spice Girls – Spice

-The Spice Girls – Spice World

-Wave – Nothing as it Seems

-Soul Decision – No One Does it Better

-B*Witched – B*Witched

These were some of the first important albums that I knew and loved, and the first ones that developed for me, a musical taste that was uniquely my own (as opposed to gleaning music from what my mom played on car trips or what my sister was into).  I can remember seeing music videos by the aforementioned artists on YTV’s Hit List or even on much music and thinking, “this is the best song EVER”.  And of course, when we mature, we think back on this with a lot of nostalgia.  Maybe the music itself is nonsense now, but back then it really meant something to me, who was journeying away from childhood into adulthood and clearly, this music either lyrically or melodically reflected what it meant to be a teenager at that time.


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