Is there such a thing as a soulmate or is that something that someone made up for some reason and there really is no universal powers out ‘there’ in the universe somewhere that dictate who we’re “supposed” to fall in love with?  I guess that’s a “pure” definition of a soulmate – someone that was made for you in the cosmos or something, that you share enormous amounts of similarities with to the point where it’s uncanny.

But I don’t think that’s what a true soulmate in the real world is.

I think that a soulmate is someone who fits you comfortably, like the sweater you wear when either all your other clothes are dirty, or you want to feel like a bum and not talk to or see anyone all day.  You feel good with them, they make you feel kind of invisible in a sense,  I guess.  A soulmate I think, is someone who you think about when you’re having a bad day and all you want to do is call them and when you pick up the phone to call them, you know they’re going to answer, even if they don’t have anything of value to say; you just want to know that they answered the phone.  I don’t even think they have to share interests with you to a point. They just have to have a lust for life that matches yours; because if they do, both of you can do everything, or nothing, together and not worry about compromise.  I think your soulmate is the person you’d walk through pouring rain or -30 celsius weather just to see, and you don’t even care what other preoccupations or errands you have, or how lazy you are; your soulmate, you know, will rejuvinate you.

I have this image of myself on a bus, coasting through the flat prairies (as I often do in real-life) but on the other side of that bus ride, somewhere, is my soulmate.  I’m not EXPECTING them to be there, I’m not anticipating they are going to be waiting for me to pick me up, but… they just exist there on the other side of my travels.  Or else, when I look out the bedroom window  and see the bright rhythmic flickering of the refinery in the distance and the long stretch of sky and low-lying city ladened with twinkling lights, I think that they’re sleeping in a bedroom somewhere across that stretch and dreaming of being on the other side of that bus ride.  And that’s a soulmate to me.


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