The world seems to lack a distinct originality these days.  Cover songs dominate the charts.  The big money-making films are re-hashes and sequels of older, better ideas.  Magazine covers all feature the same “celebrities”.  What happened to the thinkers and creators and the people who existed for the sole purpose of being and feeling original?

Originality is like love, or kindness.  Falling by the wayside in order to make room for things that are useless to me; mean-spirited cruelty, anger, banter, dishonesty, fakery, smoke and mirrors and lies.  There is no chivalry anymore, and all I want to see is chivalry.  There is no originality anymore and that too, is what I really, truly wish to observe in my life and the lives surrounding me.  Sometimes I wonder why I’m sitting here writing this when no one ever truly bothers to take the time to read it.  But what I wish is that there was someone reading, someone who cared about me in a way that everyone deserves to be cared about, enough to take my words into consideration, enough to understand their weight, their burden, their freedom, and appreciate that at 2:50 am on one of the last days of May in 2009, at the sort-of start of the last week before my graduation ceremony, I’m doing nothing but writing about them.  If you are there, and you’re the one reading this pseudo creed, I want to let you know that I appreciate that small and passive gesture of kindness.  Because I want to see it in my life, and others’ lives.

I hope you, the reader, the one who cares, is having a wonderful night and in your life, there exists a kind of wonder and discovery every single day.  And know that if for no other reason than you are reading my words, I really and truly love you.


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