Today I Recommend…

The Visitor.  A great little post-9/11 New York movie that individualizes immigrants and demonstrates their side of the story through the eyes of a university professor who becomes infatuated with an immigrant couple who have taken up residence in his New York apartment, unbeknownst to him.  While not a new movie, the movie was new to me, and it provided me with heavy-handed yet likable and sweet entertainment for today’s cold, snowy afternoon.  In May.  Seriously though, this movie has a lot of heart and honesty, and fantastic performances by the entire cast.  It reminded me a bit of The Station Agent (which makes sense, since it’s from the same writer/director as that film) and Starting Out in the Evening.  It shows a seedier, less glamorous side of New York that somehow maintains its charm and beauty. Great little film and definitely a must-see.

The Kinks.  Sure, everyone knows that The Kinks exist, but I think they’re in a way, a severely underrated classic rock band, as they don’t get nearly the amount of cred as pioneers the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.  SERIOUSLY check out ‘Sleepwalker’.  I recently bought the vinyl used and it might be the best $8 I’ve ever spent.  Rollicking jam-infused songs, slow sultry rock ballads and hook-y, poppy songs make it a really fun and substantial record.

Bricolage.  If The Strokes and Belle & Sebastian had a child of Scottish heritage, it would be Bricolage.  They’re a really really fun band with catchy rock-out drinking tunes.

Patrick Watson – Wooden Arms. I was intimidated by this record before listening to it because of the experimental nature of Watson’s music.  However, it is a great collection of very pretty tunes that have just a touch of baroque instrumentation.  Highlights are; Big Bird in a Small Cage, Beijing, Fireweed and Man Like You. And if you ever have the chance to see Patrick Watson live, DO IT.  He and his band are absolutely incredible musicians and really fun guys with a sense of humour that’s kind of unexpected and a joy to watch.  You feel like you’re performing with them, rather than passively listening.


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