Patrick Watson, Gigs, and the Wonderful World of Music

This evening, I had the great pleasure of seeing Patrick Watson at the Macdougall United Church.  The church is a fabulous venue to see a concert anyways. The atmosphere is intense and ethereal and the acoustics are warm and dramatic.  So I kind of wish every concert could be held there.  The only downside is that wooden pews are uncomfortable.  But when you’re at the edge of your seat enjoying great music, the discomfort, with a few shifts, is hardly noticeable.

Anyways, ‘great pleasure’ is a bit of an understatement.  Patrick Watson puts on a GREAT show.  The band is a bunch of charming, talented musicians who are quirky and fun and obviously love what they do, so seeing them play on this stage (that Watson referred to as “the prettiest place [they’d] ever played”) was a real joy.  I don’t know what else there is to say about the gig.  It was just incredible.  It really was a riveting and unique experience from start to end (much like both of Watson’s albums, but with more dynamics and friendly banter, which retracted from the seriousness of Watson’s more expected melancholic demeanor in the best way possible.

The funny thing about amazing gigs is that you come home feeling elated and a little bit buzzed on the sheer joy of music.  If you’re the kind of person who feels that way about the power of popular music as a route into healing and happiness and comfort, a great gig does just that.  It helps you understand the universe for even that small hour and a half of time.  You think to yourself that under that roof, hearing that music, life is safe and makes sense and feels wonderful.  Gigs like that only come along once in a while and when they do, you know almost right away.  Tonight, I was sitting there and in the middle of the first song (which was Fireweed… so so so so so so good) I thought to myself, ‘this is AMAZING’.  And it just kept going on from there.  Wonderful stuff from a wonderful group of musicians.

So right now, I’m listening to my itunes on shuffle (current song: Norweigan Wood by The Beatles) and suddenly, all this meaning has been injected into all of these songs that I loved already.  It’s as though a good gig, specifically this one, has reaffirmed what I already knew about music in general: that it is my first love, and the one love I have that will always always be there for me, no matter what I do in life.  And to be a part of it makes every song feel that much more important to my life.


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