Sweet, Sweet Kindness

Five acts of kindness (author’s note: none of these were conducted by any of my best or closest friends):

1. Being presented with a bottle of cranberry juice as a ‘thank-you’ from a classmate (I had a lime crush on at the time, who is now married and not in touch with me anymore and was always out of my league) for lending him my notes.  He knew it was my favourite.  I was over the moon.

2. I told a friend of mine that I had never been kissed before, and he then sent me a ‘kiss’ gift on facebook, with a short message saying only “see you next week” that night afterwards.  It was a nice little gesture that made me smile a lot.

3.  A woman approached me on the street one time simply to tell me I “had the most beautiful eyes”.

4. Last year on my birthday, a classmate sought out my attention just to wish me a happy birthday in person rather than via the internet.  It was really really sweet and I’ll never forget it.

5. A chef in the Dominican Republic asked me how my spanish was and I replied, “hablo un pequito.”  And he replied, “un pequito?  Pues… tu eres… beautiful.”  Yeah okay, he was a staffer in the resort I was staying in.  But it’s not everyday someone tells you you’re beautiful, no matter who it is or why they said it.  I felt beautiful the whole time I was there.

I guess these particular things stand out for me because it’s so nice to know that someone cares about you when they don’t have to.  And yet, I care for people, some of whom would never do these things for me, any of them.  And so to all of these people, whether they’re reading or they’re not, or whether they know how much these little deeds meant to me or not, I wish I could just say thank you.  Because downtrodden people like myself like to feel picked up, even just a little tiny bit.  So thank you.


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